Asgard's Wrath Menu Design

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Inventory lets you manage all your items and equip your Hero. You can point and grab the 3D item to use or equip to another slot. We constructed an empty celestial setting to emphasize these actions take place in your godly state and also distract as little as possible from the content.

The World Map is an animated solar system of Planets (or Realms) that orbit around the sun. The player can point at and select the planet to view its Realm Map.

Midgard's Realm Map shows a detailed view of the planet and all available travel points with animated clouds, water, and other details.

Menus for the Blacksmith, Merchant, and Mini-Games are integrated into the Tavern environment.

All of the work on this project is created in collaboration with my teammates at Sanzaru Games, including fellow UI Designer, Sally Su.